Thursday, 19 April 2018

Intense Colour

Today I wanted really bright colours. Instead of watercolours which can be a bit wishy-washy I mixed a small amount of Procion fabric dye, this can be used just like watercolours on paper and fabric and has the advantage of being really intense. I also used Inktense water soluble pencils for the outlines. Unlike ordinary water soluble pencil the colours are much brighter and are permanent once activated with water and then dried. Some of the paintings are hand drawn whilst others use rubbings with oil pastel or Shiva sticks. I sprinkled on some salt in places to give a nice bubbly texture. I'll work back into some of these pictures again with some bleach and more colour.

These pieces are handmade paper which was impressed with leaves whilst it was being made. I used Shiva sticks to rub over the raised leaf patterns to highlight the texture.

This is a blind contour mono-print of a table lamp onto fabric. I've added pattern with rubbings and colour with dye.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Mono-Printing Textures

I just love printing! The black images in this picture were mono-printed onto paper. Next I used various texture plates including alphabets and grids under the paper and rubbed over them with an oil pastel. Watercolour was washed over the top to bring out these great textures.

The textures in this example below were all mono-printed straight onto fabric with block ink. Lines and cross hatching were achieved with a biro and a skewer on the back of the fabric. The circles were outlined with a stencil and the pale soft areas of blue were rubbed on from the back with fingertips.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Love Cushion

I have just finished quilting and putting together this cushion for my daughter. The fabric was hand dyed and then painted and stamped (see previous post) before being quilted with free machine embroidery. The thin striped border was made with a thick string loaded into the bobbin and sewn from the back. A cotton border and backing, and an Ikea pillow, complete the cushion.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Bobbin Embroidery

This week at the 84 group we were making blind contour drawings from still life and then interpreting them in machine embroidery. We learnt how to use thicker threads such as wool and string in the bobbin and to work from the back to get lots of different texture. Here is my experimental sample.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Prints and Die Cuts

I've be playing with old Gelli prints and a die-cut machine at my local group. I love the way the prints look when you insert the mask from one into the stencil of another cut with the same die. I've offset and further cut up the collages to get some nice designs that could be used in textiles. Some of the pieces were embossed too.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Trio of Printed Fabric Books

I've used up a few of my many deconstructed screen prints to make some more sketchbooks. I made them the same way as in the previous post but this time I used a plastic board called Corflute available in Bunnings DIY store instead of cardboard. This makes the books, and in particular the spine, much stronger. The prints were lightly quilted using free motion stitching.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Bleached Poppies

I've been working on this hand-dyed fabric piece for a few days. The initial colour was thickened dye scraped on with a credit card. The red dye was scraped through a stencil of fern leaves. The black outlines were draw on in thickened dye using a fine-liner applicator bottle. Once batched, rinsed and dried I painted over the poppies with household beach to lighten them and make them stand out from the background. The fabric is freshly off the line after it's second washing to remove the bleach. Next I'll work into it with stitch.